Bi-Directional Creo /Excel Bill-Of-Materials Automation
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64-bit Creo

Note: Early Versions of CREO 3.0 have problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances. The solution is to upgrade to CREO 3.0 M040 or Later!
Nitro-BOM enables you to quickly extract Creo Assembly BOM Structures to Microsoft Excel.
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This is THE MUST HAVE TOOL for creating and managing model attributes for Creo, PDM, PLM, and ERP Systems!
What it does
Once your data has been exported to Microsoft Excel, you can easily:
  • ADD,
  • DELETE, and
  • Designate or Un-Designate Creo Parameters
using Microsoft Excel and update everything in your CREO Assembly with a single-click!
Nitro-BOM dramatically simplifies the process of parameter management and offers multiple export configuration options and settings to prep your CREO BOM Structure for other business systems.
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