A Graphical Pro/PROGRAM Editor
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64-bit Creo

Note: Early Versions of CREO 3.0 have problems with Suppressed Family Table Instances. The solution is to upgrade to CREO 3.0 M040 or Later!
This was one of the most painful things about Automating Creo Parts and Assemblies. So we fixed it!
FINALLY - Graphical Editing!

A MUST HAVE TOOL for automating Creo Parts and Assemblies!
What it does
  • Directly Open Pro/PROGRAM Files from Creo Parts or Assembly Models
  • Pro/PROGRAM logic is presented as a an interactive Logic Tree
  • You can safely Add / Modify / Delete Pro/PROGRAM Logic around features and models with ease,
  • Automatic Visual Highlighting of Parent / Child Feature/Model Relationships within your Pro/PROGRAM
  • Advanced Relations Editor - with ability to right-click insert Model Parameters (with data type detection)
  • Pro/PROGRAM Search and Highlight
  • Feature Rename (individual or with name-pattern generation)
  • Select Model Dimensions for Inclusion in Relations within Nitro-PROGRAM
  • and much more!
Nitro-PROGRAM is super useful to anyone who is managing part logic for automation.
Basically - elimiantes the need to edit Pro/PROGRAMs in a Text Editor!
We developed it as an internal tool for our consultants to be more productive and accurate, but it turned out to be a hit with our customers also. Here are few highlights.
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