Automation Tip
Execution Worksheet Command Structures
Previous versions of Nitro-CELL, prior to version 10, used a two (2) column format for defining Execution Worksheet operations.

The new command structure uses a single (1) column format. The new format must be entered correctly for Nitro-CELL to utilize them.

To improve both searchability of Nitro-CELL's extensive Execution Worksheet functions, and improve the formatting of the required command structure, Nitro-CELL uses a Structured Reference (Excel Table) that can be addressed using a Excel Formula.

Below is an overview of the old and new Execution Worksheet command structures and how to quickly find and use Nitro-CELL functions within Execution Worksheets:
Nitro-CELL Execution Worksheet Command Structure Overview
Nitro-CELL Input Command Syntax V10 and Later
This is an overview of the new Nitro-CELL Input Command Syntax for Excel. This new syntax enables full search of all Nitro-CELL commands/operations to automate Creo Parametric
Nitro-CELL only uses the formatted text string for execution - so using an Excel Formula as suggested in the video above will be replaced by the same text upon any Nitro-CELL Upgrade Workbook operation.